With several employees in multiple states, I was really struggling on payroll laws and compliance. When we signed up with Edgewater Payroll, they took care of all of our multi state worries for us at no additional cost. I highly recommend switching to Edgewater Payroll!

Cathy - Texas

Edgewater Payroll really saved me the headache of spending hours figuring and entering my employees’ payroll each week. With their timecard system, my staff can “clock” in and out accordingly via their app and is automatically stored and submitted so I can hit the tennis court sooner on payday!

Matt - Indiana

The experts at Edgewater Payroll made me feel more secure with my restaurant’s payroll than I had with previous payroll providers who didn’t seem to know payroll law very well. I am now able to rest easy each payroll period confident in all aspects restaurant’s payroll!

Tracy - Indiana

Edgewater Payroll provides me the resources to simplify my payroll processing and allow me to spend more time on growing my business.

Alex - Calirfornia

As a one-owner business I felt I was always being overcharged, then I switched to Edgewater Payroll who saved me on payroll costs and also recommended other payroll strategies and solutions to further save payroll costs as well as other tax savings!

Andrew - California