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Edgewater Saves You Time

With our state of the art payroll system, Edgewater allows you to enter, proof, and pay your employees in lightning speed. Our simple to use payroll interface allows you to quickly enter hours, salary, contractor, and/or bonus pay information and gets you back to the important day to day operation of your business. We handle all the reporting, payroll tax submission and tracking, and end of year reporting, giving you peace of mind. We stay on top of any and all regulation changes so you don’t need to worry.

Edgewater Saves You Money

By utilizing our state of the art system along with our knowledgeable team of payroll specialists, we can offer your company full-service payroll options less than the other guys. This frees up your in-house staff from the cumbersome, expensive, time consuming duties of continuing education, payroll tax law tracking, reporting, as well as removes the costly in-house payroll software and updates from your organization. Edgewater truly is your simple, affordable, worry free solution.

Expert Staff

In-House Experts Working For YOU!Edgewater Payroll was founded on the principle of working for you. Learn more about us by clicking below

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Need Benefits?

Professional Benefit ManagementHealth insurance, workers comp, retirement plans, and more. Edgewater handles ALL your needs!.

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